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Virtual Reality Gaming

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You've heard about virtual reality. You've seen it in the stores.

Now experience Virtual Reality yourself. 

Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual Reality is not just gaming. It's experiencing mountain climbing while sitting in a chair. It's first person shooter at your fingertips. With games, racing and virtual escape rooms you can virtually go or do whatever you please. It's feeling that bit of tension as you swerve your car around the last bend, immersing you to the point where you feel as though it is actually happening. 

Virtual reality is for all ages and experience levels. We offer games for everyone, if you don't see an experience that appeals to you, please ask, we are happy to tailor to your needs. 

Battleship Escape Rooms

A twist on the board game battleship, this escape room is packed with moving objects, puzzles, electronic hints, smart glass and more. Battleship is competition style escape, meaning you can bring two groups and play against each other trying to sink their battleship. We can also accommodate a single group. The only competition escape room on the peninsula, Battleship is a state-of-the-art generation two escape room. Battleship is a competition room with two separate, identical rooms. Each Battleship room holds up to 8 people, making the full capacity of Battleship 16 people! We recommend groups of 5 or less to work together to battle the enemy, and groups of at least 6 to divide and conquer (the other team)!


Clue - The Escape Room

A another board game inspired room. Enter the fully decorated room with an invitation from an unknown person to a party. Hint features hidden clues in plain sight, role-play fun, and a mystery. You have been invited to a Dinner Party at a remote mansion. The invitation was sent by a mysterious Mr. Biv, of whom you nor any of the other guests have ever heard before. Upon arrival you discover that your host has conclusive evidence that would lock each of you away for multiple life sentences. The police will arrive in 60 minutes. Can you outsmart him, find the evidence to clear your name, and be free from your past for life? Or will you "get life" instead?




5007 Victory Blvd Unit D-2, Yorktown VA (AKA Escape)

We are between Long+Foster and the GreatClips in the Kroger Shopping Center

Open 10 am-11pm Everyday!