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Virtual Reality Gaming

Single Player Stations

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Two Escape Rooms


You've heard about virtual reality. You've seen it in the stores.

Now experience Virtual Reality yourself. 

Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual Reality is not just gaming. It's experiencing mountain climbing while sitting in a chair. It's first person shooter at your fingertips. With games, racing and virtual escape rooms you can virtually go or do whatever you please. It's feeling that bit of tension as you swerve your car around the last bend, immersing you to the point where you feel as though it is actually happening. 

Virtual reality is for all ages and experience levels. We offer games for everyone, if you don't see an experience that appeals to you, please ask, we are happy to tailor to your needs. 

Battleship Escape Rooms

Guests: 2-20 Guests

Family Friendly: Yes

Theme: Battleship- you are on a battleship attempting to sink your opponent.


Clue - The Escape Room

Guests: 2-6 Guests

Family Friendly: Yes

Theme: Choose your character and have some fun.




5007 Victory Blvd Unit D-2, Yorktown VA (AKA Escape)

We are between Long+Foster and the GreatClips in the Kroger Shopping Center

Walk-in Hours:

Sunday- Thursday 1-9pm

Friday and Saturday 10am to 11pm

We are happy to accommodate any time that works for you. Please call us or book online 2 hours in advance, so we can have your room ready.



Local Escape Rooms

We love escape rooms! We also understand we have a limited selection of rooms. While you wait for our new rooms to be built, check out our escape room friends in the area.

Mission Escape in Poquoson