Zenith VR + Escape 

VIRTUAL Reality Gaming Center Plus Escape Rooms

Escape your world! Now featuring Virtual Reality Gaming! 

5007 Victory Blvd. Unit D-2, Yorktown, VA 23693  (AKA Escape)

Phone 757.657.8400

Family Friendly Entertainment

VIRTUAL Reality  Gaming

30 Minutes  $25

1 hour $39

2 Hours $69

All Day Pass $149

Shared All Day Pass $299


Each booking includes:

Access to 30+ Games throughout entire Session

A host to answer your questions

State of the Art Virtual Reality System


Escape Rooms

Board Game Inspired Themes

     BattleSHIP - Competition Style

Our newest room, and the only competition escape room on the peninsula, Battleship is a state-of-the-art generation two escape room. Battleship is a competition room with two separate, identical rooms. Each Battleship room holds up to 8 people, making the full capacity of Battleship 16 people! We recommend groups of 5 or less to work together to battle the enemy, and groups of at least 6 to divide and conquer (the other team)!

$25 per person (2-16 Players, call about group rates)

50 minute Escape Adventure in Real-life Battleship Theme


You have been invited to a Dinner Party at a remote mansion. The invitation was sent by a mysterious Mr. Biv, of whom you nor any of the other guests have ever heard before. Upon arrival you discover that your host has conclusive evidence that would lock each of you away for multiple life sentences. The police will arrive in 60 minutes. Can you outsmart him, find the evidence to clear your name, and be free from your past for life? Or will you "get life" instead?

$25 per person (2-5 Players)

60 minute Clue themed Escape Challenge


Game of the MoNth 


Virtual Reality FAQs



What is virtual reality? Virtual reality is the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors.

What REALLY is virtual reality? It's an experience like no other. A headset and controllers are adjusted for your comfort and you will begin with a quick tutorial. Then you are able to choose your adventure.(a wide selection is available). As you turn your head in real life the virtual world reacts and moves it's viewing. You can look in every direction around you. Depending on the adventure you chose, you will explore, complete challenges, and learn. 

What makes this better than a virtual reality headset in my home or with my phone? Our virtual reality headsets are VivePro  Business Edition. We use two to four wall mounted stations to sense your motions. The headset has fantastic graphics on a wide view screen that is comfortably mounted to your head with many adjustments. The HD speaker system features lifelike sounds all around you. In addition to a top of line VR headset and controllers, we have custom built epic gaming computers to provide you with the best graphics and no lag gaming experience. Because of the high tech equipment we are using we bring you the ultimate experience. The at home or phone attached VR sets are fun for one or two uses.

What ages is virtual reality recommended for? We recommend ages 7 and up. We do offer a viewing screen for guests that are not playing to view their friends. 

Will virtual reality make me dizzy or feel ill? Guests are welcome to try our short free trial. Available in the front of the store. Virtual reality can cause some unusual feeling at first. We recommend moving slowly and getting a feeling for the system before attempting any fast motions. 

Is there a guest limit? Yes, our VR spaces are divided to provide guests with a intimate environment to play. No more than 2 viewing guests and 1 playing guest allowed per space. 

What technology do you provide? Our Virtual Reality Goggles are the HTC Vive Pro with computers that have higher requirements to run these goggles and game smoothly. 

What games do you have? We offer a wide variety of games from military, escape room, races, exploration, adventure and education. Check out our videos for the best examples. Link to Games.

What is an All Day Pass? All Day Pass is having a reserved virtual reality station for one person for all business operating hours on one single day. 

How does a Shared All Day Pass work? Shared All Day Pass is one designated person purchases and may share their purchased time with friends. This designated person must be present at all times, while they are sharing their time. 


What is an escape room? An escape room is a unique, interactive live group experience in which participants must follow clues and solve puzzles using elements found in the room to decipher the “key” which unlocks the room within a certain amount of time, commonly one hour.

Who can participate? All individuals ages 12 and above are invited to accept the ESCAPE challenge. Two person minimum. Eight to eighteen person maximum, depending on the room. The 8-person room is designed for 8-14 year-olds to solve without adult support (though they do require more hints, generally; see FAQ about our family-friendly room below).

What is cancellation policy? Cancel with 24 or more hours’ notice, and it’s like it never happened. If you don’t cancel and don’t show, we’ll feel stood up, and might text your ex. Also, delayed arrivals will not be reimbursed. 

What should I wear? Casual wear and comfortable shoes that allow the brain to think thoroughly and clearly.

Are you rooms handicapped accessible? Our entire facility is handicapped accessible, and we will always have at least one escape room that is as well. Give us a call to check which current themes are going to be best for you.

What is your alcohol policy? ESCAPE Newport News is committed to both fun and a family-friendly atmosphere. As a result, if any guest is visibly intoxicated and/or behaving inappropriately, they may be asked to leave regardless of whether they have completed their escape or not.

What is your weapons policy? Escape rooms are an emotionally-intense experience which occur in tight-fitting physical spaces with strangers.
We do not allow open carry or concealed carry firearms, knives, or any other weapons on our property, for safety reasons.

I have an Escape Newport News Gift certificate or code, is it still valid? All Escape Newport News gift certificates and codes are no longer valid. We are sorry for any inconveniences.

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