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BattleShip - Escape Room

2-20 Players

The only competition escape room on the Peninsula, Battleship is a state-of-the-art generation two escape room. Battleship is a competition room with two separate, identical rooms. Each Battleship room holds up to 10 people, making the full capacity of Battleship 20 people! We recommend groups of 5 or less to work together to battle the enemy, and groups of at least 6 to divide and conquer (the other team)!

Escape Rate 50%

Clue - Escape Room

2-6 Players

Themed after the movie/board game of Clue.

2-6 players

Escape rate 40%

Queen of Dragon

2-8 Players

Attempt to Save the Dragon eggs for the Queen.

60 minutes.

Escape Rate: Unknown Brand New Escape Room.