Escape-to-Go Suitcase

Recommended ages: 14 and up

4-6 Players

Estimated time: 45 to 60 minutes

Disgruntled Roommate

Escape-to-Go Suitcase

Recommended ages 12+

6-8 Playser

Estimated time: 60 to 70 minutes


Escape-to-go faqs

When can I rent an Escape-to-Go? Book by 10pm on any night of the week, and we’ll have a secret agent at your door between noon and 2pm the next day. 

Where to do you deliver? We have free delivery to anywhere in Newport News, Yorktown, Hampton, or Poquoson. For a $20 fee, we also deliver to:
Williamsburg, Jamestown, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Gloucester Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Smithfield, and Carrolton 

How long is the average solve time? We design and test each theme, so that it takes between 60 and 90 minutes for a group of 6-8 puzzlers. Feel free to blow our minds with a fast solve, or you can take a break in the middle for dinner and then come back to it later! 

What is the $50 security deposit? It’s true, it will seem like you’re paying $50 extra dollars when you book your ESCAPE-to-GO. That’s just so you don’t break our cool stuff. We’ve never had to keep even a penny of someone’s deposit, so go ahead and put everything lovingly back inside the suitcase when you’re done, and we’ll refund your deposit.